A guide to finding van and truck driving jobs

In order to get van and truck driving jobs you must have a valid licence for the type of vehicle you wish to drive. A standard driver's licence will suffice for a van but you need to undertake training and pass specialised theory and practical tests to drive a truck. A truck licence can be obtained by attending an accredited truck driving school.

Once you have the appropriate licence you can start applying for jobs. One of the easiest ways to do this is online. Specialist online recruitment jobsites such as drivingjobs.co.uk, uk-driving-jobs.co.uk and driverhire.co.uk advertise vacancies as they arise.

Jobseekers can search jobs by type and location, and apply online. These sites give good job descriptions and employer contact details. You can submit a CV and register for job email alerts.

You will need a good CV to reply to job adverts or to apply speculatively for work. Drivers should identify distributors, hauliers, courier companies, manufacturers, retailers and warehouses in their area. Calling in personally to enquire about vacancies and submitting a CV can lead to employment opportunities.

Local and regional newspapers, Job Centres, company websites and recruitment agencies should all be used. Networking with other drivers is a great way to hear about vacancies.

If you own your own vehicle and are looking for van and truck driving jobs you need to advertise wherever you can. This includes business cards, the yellow pages, local newspapers and publications and on company vans and clothes. In time you may even set up your own website.

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