On the Search for Van Driving Jobs in West Yorkshire

If you live in the area of Leeds/West Yorkshire and are looking for work, van driving jobs in West Yorkshire could have the position for you. Many job listings are for part time work in West Yorkshire, but there are also plenty of full time positions available. You will also find a fair majority of the van driving positions are listed with recruitment agencies.

Registering With a Recruitment Agency

Many employers will list their job vacancies only through recruitment agencies because the agency does much of the screening of prospective employees. You won’t find these jobs listed in newspapers or anywhere else on the Internet. Recruitment agents also will have access to more openings than you would be able to find through your own searching. Here are several you can check with:

  • DrivingVacancies.co.uk
  • Blue Arrow Driving
  • HEADS Recruitment
  • Prime Time Recruitment

Requirements and Duties

Most people probably think of the United Parcel Service when thinking about delivery van jobs, but there is a multitude of other deliveries being made every day. Everything from flowers, electronics, automotive parts, food, and people are delivered. A van driving job in West Yorkshire will require a minimum of points or often no points on your driving record. Multi-drop drivers could make as many as 80 or more drops each day and are often expected to be able to lift a maximum of 22.5 kg.

What to Expect in Salary

A van driver making 40 drops each day will receive a salary of about £6 to £6.50 an hour. A multi-drop driver making as many as 70-85 deliveries could expect to make as much as £9.75 an hour. Those working night shifts will often make a bit more. Other factors affecting salary will be experience and availability to work odd hours and shifts. Van driving jobs in West Yorkshire can be perfect for someone who doesn’t wish to be indoors all day.

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