Finding Opportunities for Van Driving Jobs in Northampton

If you live in the Northampton area and enjoy being out and about, and are looking for employment, then van driving jobs in Northampton may be to your liking. Finding van driving positions can be done by searching through the local newspapers, searching over the Internet, or through job recruitment agencies.

Register With Recruitment Agencies

Registering with one or more recruitment agencies is probably the best way to obtain a van driving position. Many Northamptonshire jobs are listed exclusively through recruitment agents because employers look to them to do much of the screening process. Agencies will often have access to more openings than you will find on your own. Several recruiters that handle driving positions are:

  • Only Driving Jobs
  • Fox Resourcing
  • Drivers Direct Recruitment
  • Assist Recruitment Ltd.
  • Industria Personnel Services Ltd.

Industries for Van Drivers

It is pretty much understood that a van driver’s job is going to be making deliveries of one sort or another. What you deliver and how many deliveries you make during your workday will vary depending on where you are employed. Jobs in Northampton can include overnight postal delivery such as for United Parcel Service, catering, flowers, auto parts, grocery, electronics and even people.

What to Expect for Salary and Duties

Salary will depend a great deal on your experience and often on the shifts you are able to work. Most delivery positions require a very early morning start, such as 6:00 a.m. You will generally be expected to load your van with the day’s deliveries and be on your way by the start of normal business hours. There are night shifts and weekends as well, and they often pay a higher wage. In general, salaries begin at £8 to £12 per hour. Van driving jobs in Northampton offer a great opportunity to the person who doesn’t want to work behind a desk and enjoys meeting people.

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