Information for Finding Van Driving Jobs In Leicester

Whatever type of driving job you are looking for, you will find that looking for van driving jobs in Leicester can be easier when you register with a recruiting firm. Whether you are looking for part time weekend jobs in Leicester or a full time position, a recruitment agency will have access to more open positions than you can find on your own.

Major Van Driver Recruiters

The best employers will often use recruiters to find employees. Recruiters take care of screening prospective employees and only send qualified candidates for interviews, and this saves the employer a lot of time and money. Some of the major recruitment firms around Leicester are:

  • Get Me Staff Limited
  • Drivers Direct Recruitment
  • Interaction Recruitment Leicester
  • Cloud Nine Recruitment

Working in the Best Industries

Specifying a ‘best’ industry when it comes to driving a van, really depends on personal preference. Generally, a company that treats employees well, offers good benefits and a fair pay rate are the best. Talking with your recruitment agent and asking about company reputations can give you some insight as to which companies you may or may not wish to work for.

What Kind of Salary to Expect

If you want the best possible salary for driving a van you must have a very flexible schedule and be willing to work very early morning, night shifts and weekends. Part-time jobs of this type pay the best hourly rates.

A courier position will garner around £7.50 an hour, while a care and support van driver will receive £6.50 to £8.50 per hour. A van driver with multiple stops and a regular schedule gets £6.50 to £7.50. Van driving jobs in Leicester cover a variety of avenues, from driving a catering van to delivering DVDs to the local movie rental store.

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