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There are a wide range of van driving jobs in Kent that have recently become available. So if you are living in Kent and are looking for a van driving job then look no further! There are many great van driving jobs available right now and we have compiled a list of some of the latest positions. So, if you think this is the right career step for you, then check out some of these van driving jobs available in Kent right now:

Van Driver - QuickShift Transport are based in Erith, Kent and are currently looking for a van driver with delivery and collection experience. To be considered for this position applicants must have a full, valid driving license, minor points will be considered. The successful candidate will also have excellent communication and customer service skills. If you would like to apply for his position then please contact John Nicholls at QuickShift Transport.

Cash in Transit Van Driver - This Kent based position is available for a candidate who is over 18-years of age and with checkable references of employment or education history. The successful candidate will have a full driving license with no more than six points and will be responsible for driving a secure vehicle and delivering and collecting cash. The successful candidate will also be required to provide a standard disclosure. If you would like to be considered for this role then please contact Leigh French, leigh.french@sunwin.co.uk.

These are just some of the many driving jobs that are currently available throughout Kent. So if you are looking for work then check out all the other great van driving positions that are available now!

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