Types of Van Driving Jobs in Glasgow

If you enjoy being out of doors and moving around then you might enjoy one of the van driving jobs in Glasgow that are available. To find a job in Glasgow that doesn’t have a boss looking over your shoulder 8 hours a day appeals to many people. If you are one of those who simply can’t bear sitting behind a desk all day, then driving a delivery van can become your dream job.

Industries that Hire Van Drivers

In addition to courier services, there is catering; delivery of small goods such as CDs, DVDs; and electronics; automotive parts; flower delivery; beverages and snacks delivery; produce and other groceries; and even delivery of people, such as for schools or the elderly.

Requirements for Being a Van Driver

You must be over 21-years old and hold either a C or C1 licence to drive a regular large delivery van, or a Class D licence to drive a passenger van for picking up and driving students or elderly/disabled passengers. Each company has differing requirements and some allow points on your driving record. You should have a neat, well-groomed appearance and have fair customer service skills.

Recruitment Agencies and Salary

A recruitment agency can find the best Glasgow jobs on your behalf. They have listings from multiple employers. A few to try are Blue Arrow Office Industrial, DrivingVacancies.co.uk, Alexander Maguire Transport.

Salary will vary depending on the type of van you drive, the cargo you carry, whether your position is full or part time, and your level of experience. Positions usually start at £8 to £11 per hour and go up from there. Van driving jobs in Glasgow are a great way to earn a living if hopping in and out of a van and greeting people throughout your day is what you like to do.

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