How to Look for Van Driving Jobs in Chesterfield

There are many different types of van driving jobs in Chesterfield. You could be driving a delivery van full of merchandise, delivering flowers, taking children to and from school, or delivering overnight packages. They are part-time jobs and full time, permanent and temporary.

One of the easier ways to locate van driving jobs is to register with a recruitment agency. They contract with many different companies to find van drivers.

Some of the Major Recruiters in the Chesterfield Area

Whether you are looking for part time Chesterfield Derbyshire jobs or full time, you will find a majority of current job openings are advertised with five major recruitment companies.

  • Fast Track Recruitment
  • Driving Edge
  • Blue Arrow
  • Sky Blue Solutions
  • More Driver Solutions, Ltd.

Industries that Offer Van Driving Positions

All types of transport companies offer van driving positions. Any company in the business of moving items from one place to another needs drivers. This can include electronic components, pharmaceuticals, grocery, catering, warehouse merchandise pick up and delivery, document delivery, and transportation of people for school or other purposes.

Expected Salary

Since the duties required by van drivers vary, so too will salary, but for most positions a starting rate of £6.50 to £7.50 per hour can be expected. Having the versatility of working on shifts or weekends will bring higher rates. A driver transporting children, elderly or disabled people will often receive £7.50 to £9.50 an hour. If you have your own delivery van and wish to be self-employed you could make around £235 a week or more.

Driving a delivery van can offer many opportunities in different arenas. From handling produce to helping the elderly, there are many avenues to pursue. With van driving jobs in Chesterfield it’s a sure thing that you won’t be sitting behind a desk much.

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