Fantastic van driver jobs in Yorkshire

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There are fantastic van driver jobs in Yorkshire. Despite the high unemployment levels in the UK, there are a vast amount of van driver jobs available in Yorkshire. If you enjoy driving and have a full UK driving license, then this could be the job for you.

There are a vast amount of employers that require van drivers such as courier companies, supermarkets, stationary companies, pharmaceutical companies and many more. The hourly rate varies widely depending on experience and the company you work for. The rate can vary between £6-£16 per hour.

In order to secure employment in the Yorkshire area, a great place to start is jobisjob.co.uk. This site has a variety of positions available ranging from hygiene companies, pharmaceutical companies, courier companies as well as many other positions.

Another place to source van driver jobs is totaljobs.com, which offers many positions for van drivers. A full clean driver’s licence is a requirement for the majority of these jobs and driving experience is hugely beneficial.

If you have your own van, it is a huge incentive to employers as they may wish to expand their company without putting more capital into their fleet.There is a huge amount of weekend and night work if you have your own van. This would suit those seeking extra income in these tough economic times, although the hours are very unsociable.

There will always be work for van drivers. There are numerous job opportunities available for those willing to work hard and take them.

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