Locating Van Driver Jobs in Wellingborough

If you have a C or C1 certification on your driver licence, there are plenty of van driver jobs available in Wellingborough and the surrounding areas. Living in a metropolitan area surrounded by several major cities puts you in a position to find many good job openings. Whether you wish to work part time in Wellingborough or full time, you are sure to find a job that fits.

Where to Start Your Search

Many recruiting agencies in the area specialise in finding employment for drivers. Searching the internet can provide many choices, but just be sure that they handle industrial workers such as drivers. Many recruiters only carry contracts for office or other ‘professional’ personnel. Here are a few recruiters to give a try:

  • Mem-recruitment.com
  • DrivingVacancies.co.uk
  • Alexander Maguire Transport
  • Haul-It Nationwide Ltd.
  • Flexistaffuk.com

Searching other websites such as jobisjob.co.uk, indeed.co.uk, and jobhits.co.uk offer up a list of jobs available through several different recruiting firms all in one place.

Industries Van for Drivers

Any industry involved in the production or sale of consumable goods needs to have those goods transported. They need to be taken from the manufacturing plant to warehouses, or straight to retail outlets. Vans don’t carry great loads so the products you will transport will be smaller sized and easily moved. This could be anything from beverages, snacks, small electronics, documents, office supplies, flowers, catered food, fresh produce or many other products.

Salary to Expect

Van drivers generally start out making £6.50 to £9.50 per hour depending on experience. Drivers who work nights or odd shifts can often receive a slightly higher wage of around £8.50 an hour. Document couriers normally receive £7.50 an hour. Part-time jobs offer the same wages, but fewer hours. Van driver jobs in Wellingborough are great for those whom prefer to be outside and not cooped up in an office.


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