Van driver jobs in Sunderland are a sound choice

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One of the prerequisites of van driver jobs in Sunderland is acquiring a valid driver's licence. Once you have a licence you can start looking for work and the internet is a good place to begin.

Jobsites such as jobrapido.co.uk, gumtree.com and jobisjob have listings of vacancies for drivers in the Sunderland area. They provide a job search and job by email service to match candidates needs and requirements.

It is also recommendable to check out specialist websites like drivingvacancies.co.uk. They offer a selection of permanent and contract van driving jobs. You can search through jobs by location, get email alerts and register your CV.

Courier companies employ van drivers directly as well as self-employed subcontractors. UPS, TNT and DHL are some of the better known courier companies operating in Sunderland.

Candidates can search and apply for van driver jobs on these companies websites. Alternatively you can post a CV and cover letter expressing your interest and relevant experience.

Manufacturing companies in Sunderland also employ van drivers. Nissan employ approximately 3,500 people in the Washington area of Sunderland. A company of this size will always have a daily requirement for van drivers.

Jobseekers can apply directly to companies and keep an eye on advertisements in local newspapers, jobcentres and company websites. Supermarkets, warehouses, construction firms and removal companies are all worth investigating.

You can earn a good salary working as a van driver. A lot depends on the amount and type of work you do. Many companies pay their drivers overtime and bonuses. If you are self employed you have an incentive to work harder as van driver jobs in Sunderland can be very profitable.


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