A guide to finding van driver jobs in Essex

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Driving a van for a living can be a very profitable and satisfying career. You don't need any formal qualifications to do the job but you must have an appropriate valid driver's licence. Van driver jobs in Essex are available across a range of businesses.

Courier companies in Essex are very often looking for van drivers. Companies such as Anglia Couriers, Privilege Courier Services and Same Day Courier Services are among the larger and more reputable courier companies in Essex.

Jobseekers can  get information and contact details from these companies websites. Some firms allow you to apply online. Alternatively you can post a CV and cover letter expressing your interest and relevant experience. Some companies only hire self-employed subcontractors and others hire directly.

Van drivers can find employment with manufacturing companies based in Essex. Some of the major manufacturers include Amstrad, MK Electric and Muddy Fox. Hi-Tec employ more than 500 people in Essex. Applying directly or contacting the HR department could get you a start.

Autonational Rescue have their headquarters in Essex. They provide breakdown assistance and employ approximately 1,200 people and have in excess of 5,000 vehicles.

Retailers, construction firms and removal companies all require their share of van drivers to perform the safe transport of goods. Having your own van will create more opportunities and the amount and type of work you take on will be up to you.

Van driver jobs in Essex can be found advertised in a variety of ways including newspapers, jobsites, recruitment agencies, job centres, temping agencies and company open days.


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