Considering van driver in Yorkshire jobs?

Van driver in Yorkshire jobs can find you working in a variety of roles across a broad range of businesses. Becoming a van driver is not too difficult. You need to be over 18 years of age and possess a valid drivers licence. Many drivers who are starting off in the business gain experience by working for agencies.

Some agencies operate nation-wide while others are regional. Van drivers can work long hours and you need stamina to maintain the correct standard of driving. Listings of van driving agencies operating in Yorkshire can be found on sites such as ukwebstart.com.

Jobseekers can apply to agencies either online or directly with a CV and cover letter. Candidates should always follow up their applications and try to get to know managers or HR personnel.

Van drivers can also find employment with courier companies in the area. MJH Express Couriers Ltd., LTG Couriers and Dynamic Despatch are all based in Yorkshire. You can get contact details or apply online using these companies websites.

Jobsites such as gumtree.com, totaljobs.com and indeed.co.uk have up to date listings of van driver jobs in Yorkshire. Some sites such as ukdrivingjobs.co.uk are dedicated solely to finding jobs for drivers. Jobseekers can also make use of newspapers, recruitment agencies, job centres and local business directories.

Van drivers can earn a good wage depending on the amount and type of work they do. A self-employed driver will earn more than a company driver for the same hours worked but he will have more overheads.

Van driver in Yorkshire jobs can also be found throughout the retail and manufacturing industries. If you think this is the right career for you don't hesitate to start applying today.


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