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Wakefield is a area with a proud heritage and a prosperous future and in the year's ahead, Wakefield will be an excellent, dynamic city at the heart of the district's economy with an able workforce, making a real contribution to the wealth and diversity of the Yorkshire region. This is Wakefield Council's vision for the area and if you want to become a part of it check out the job vacancies at Wakefield Council today.

Finding these vacancies could not be any easier just log on to http://jobs.wakefield.gov.uk and all the job categories will be just a click of a button away. Some of the job categories include cleaning, catering, customer services, engineering, project management to name just a few. As you can see there is a good variation in the job categories so there is jobs available for a wide range of people.

When you find the job of your choice your next step will be to apply. The quickest way to apply is by clicking on the link beside the job that you have picked and apply on line which is very useful. Alternatively you can call a member of their recruitment team on 0845 6036049.

Salaries are a massive factor when you are deciding if the job is for you so let's take a look at a few examples of what they are offering. Cleaning assistants are employed on a part time basis in most cases and for 10 hours a week they earn £63. If you are a social worker you could be earning between £31 and £34,000. Remember with all jobs comes different wages so keep a broad mind when you apply.

Waste no more time and apply for one of the many vacancies at Wakefield Council today.

Happy job hunting!

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