Vacancies for van driving in Birmingham

Vacancies for van driving in Birmingham can vary considerably in a number of ways. However for each of these roles it is essential that applicants hold full clean driving licenses and that they be comfortable and familiar with operating a van. Further to this many employers require that their drivers be up-to-date with all health and safety regulations regarding the transporting and carrying of packages, and drivers must of course adhere to Road Transport and Health and Safety law at all times.

Some roles for van drivers may require that applicants be flexible in terms of hours, so as to facilitate the needs of customers. Deliveries and pickups may have to be scheduled according to the availability of clients, and drivers must therefore be in a position to adapt to these requirements. In situations where van drivers must deliver items to the public, it is essential that applicants for these positions have a friendly and presentable manner, and that they are comfortable dealing with members of the public.

Many jobs for van drivers involve the loading and unloading of packages and boxes. Therefore candidates must have a good range of movement and be physically capable of undertaking tasks of this nature. Wages in this area can vary, but the typical rate for van drivers in the Birmingham area is £6.00 per hour.

Those who are looking for vacancies for van driving in Birmingham can find job listings on sites such as jobsaved.co.uk, gumtree.com and jobrapido.co.uk.


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