How to find vacancies as a van driver in Yorkshire

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Anyone with a valid driver's licence can apply for vacancies as a van driver in Yorkshire. Some jobseekers will own their own vans and work as self-employed contractors while others will work directly and drive company vans. Employment opportunities exist across the board.

There is a large number of food producing companies such as Heron Foods Ltd., Cranswick plc. and Aunt Bessie's Ltd. based in Yorkshire. Heron Foods Ltd. employs over 1,000 people at it's head office based at Melton in Yorkshire. Other major employers include Jarvis who are involved in the vehicle hire business with a fleet of almost 2,000 vans.

Jobseekers can check out the websites of these companies for information and contact details. Some companies allow you to apply online. Alternatively you can post a CV and cover letter expressing your interest and relevant experience.

Courier companies very often have vacancies available for van drivers. LTG Couriers and MJH Express Couriers in Yorkshire have large fleets and will advertise vacancies on their websites when they arise.

Van drivers can earn from £12,000 to £27,000 per annum, depending on the type of work. Some companies pay extra for overtime, in the evening and at weekends. You may even get bonuses for reaching work targets.

Jobsites, newspapers, recruitment agencies, jobcentres and company open days are all excellent resources available to jobseekers and should be scrutinised carefully and daily.

These are some of the more common vacancies for a van driver in Yorkshire but many people create their own vacancy by buying a vehicle and starting their own business.


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