Finding vacancies if you're a self employed van driver.

Vacancies for any self employed van driver are entirely up to you and the kind of hours you want to work. You can find employment with small time businesses are as a sole trader working several jobs per day; the vacancies you find really depend on the type of work you're willing to do and how you organise your own business.


Independent Moving Services

One of the most popular van driving jobs for self employed people is an independent moving service; having the advantage of your own van allows you to do as money trips as you like for any cost you can agree on with your client. Many homeowners use individual van drivers to move their items rather than large companies nowadays and it's certainly a great industry to delve into. You're not just limited to home moves, however; clients may need your service to move different items elsewhere, or pick up something they have purchased which isn't available for delivery by the retailer.


Taxi Van

You can easily convert your van into a taxi and work as an independent taxi driver for large groups. Airport transfers and long haul trips across the country can be a great avenue and, if the cost is realistic for you, you could easily undercut other taxi companies in the area by providing your own quotes to people.


Delivery Driver

Some businesses don't like to send their packages by mail or hire a courier company, especially if they don't have regular scheduled deliveries. In this case you could work for such companies by delivering stock whenever you are required and work solely for the company but as your own boss. Rather than accepting rates of play from the company you can quote your own price and terms because you're self employed and the company will act as your client, not an employer.

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