Where to find vacancies in the security industry online

If you're a job seeker scouring the Net for vacancies in the security industry, you may be surprised to learn that there are sites dedicated to helping match up some of the biggest and most well-known security companies with prospective employees. Let's see where to go for security vacancies...

Securityvacancies.com is one of the largest sites that cater for the UK security industry. The site has a massive database of security jobs, and by registering as a job seeker you'll have access to all the details and current vacancies. Some of the premier partners on this site include Chubb, Profile Security, C2C recruitment and G4S Security.

The site also allows you to search various sectors including security systems, fire, guarding, police, cash in transit and many more. You're also able to choose the listings you see based on the duration of the job and whether it's permanent, contract, or pays by the hour. The site also allows you to choose various areas in the UK you'd like to work, so the listings you see should all be targeted to the areas you choose.

Getthatjob.net has a special section that deals with the security industry, and if you want to head directly to the page you can use this URL: getthatjob.net/uk-recruitment/security-jobs.htm. This page lists some of the biggest recruiters in the security industry, Bodyguard Inc and Trigon Security are two of the biggest names there. There's full contact information for these companies, and if you scroll further down you can even choose security recruitment agencies based on your area.

This page is an absolute gem if you're searching for vacancies in the security industry, so bookmark it and take your time. There's a world of information there, right at your fingertips!


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