Looking for vacancies for owner van drivers?

If you own a van and have got some previous experience working as a professional driver, then there are a number of potential employment opportunities that may possibly be available for you. With so many different companies out there all needing their equipment or products delivered to other companies as well as customers, there has traditionally always been plenty of vacancies for owner van drivers in the United Kingdom.

Despite the fact that the van driving job market has become a little crowded in the past few years due to the influx of cheap labour into the marketplace, there has always been, and will continue to be, a specific niche available for anyone who owns their own van and is willing to use it in order to work.

Since you own your own vehicle, any potential employers will know that adding you to their pay roll will mean that they also get access to a vehicle for no charge. There are many of different kinds of delivery jobs that will open up to you because of this.

If you have a large van, you could potentially look towards delivering things like furniture or carpets. These positions typically pay in the region of £8.00 to £8.60 per hour, however fuel costs may not be included - so this is something that you will need to figure out before you commit.

Other positions can include cross country deliveries of a wide range of products from groceries to documentation right the way through to computer equipment. You can check out the latest vacancies for owner van drivers at the following websites;

  • drivingjobs.co.uk
  • uk-driving-jobs.co.uk
  • totaljobs.com
  • driverhire.co.uk
  • drivingvacancies.co.uk

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