How to find vacancies as a library assistant in London, part time

Vacancies as a library assistant in London, part time, can be difficult to come by. That's because libraries are a popular place to work and there's a lot of competition for vacancies - especially for part time jobs - from Arts students, mums, retirees, and many other aspiring librarians!

To stay ahead of the competition and land yourself a part time job in a library, you need to stay informed about the latest vacancies. Today, every thing's gone digital and you'll no longer find 'Help Wanted' signs in library windows. However, that doesn't mean that you'll automatically find library assistant jobs on major job search sites (like Total Jobs or Monster).

Because many library jobs are in the public sector, you'll find vacancies advertised on local government websites. cityoflondon.gov.uk, for example, regularly advertise part time vacancies for Information Officers and Librarians. You usually won't find these vacancies advertised on commercial sites.

The National Museum, whose job site you can visit online at nationalmuseumjobs.org.uk, also advertise library jobs that you don't normally find on conventional sites. They advertise vacancies for museums, galleries, libraries and archives right across the UK, with many of the positions based in London.

Finally, remember to check on the websites of London universities. UCL, for example, have a dedicated site for jobs in their libraries. It's located at ucl.ac.uk/library/jobs.shtml. Most universities don't advertise on job websites, so it's worth visiting their official sites to see the latest opportunities and vacancies.

Good luck with your job hunt!

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