Vacancies for home based telesales

Sometimes it seems that genuine work from home opportunities are too good to be true. You've probably heard about the various scams that have been active over the last few years. You might even have had experience with a work from job that paid so little, it was barely worth your while. You may therefore be surprised to learn that vacancies for home based telesales are more plentiful than ever.

In a time of economic turbulence and financial doom and gloom, you might wonder why this is. Well, during difficult times, it's more important than ever that companies ensure a steady stream of sales leads and new customers. After all, if consumers are going to be spending less, they'll need more of them!

So why are these positions based at home? Aside for the recession, the telesales industry has faced another major challenge over the past five years: staff turnover rates.

Many telesales jobs are quite technical in nature - for example, you meet need to know all about the new heating systems that you're trying to sell, or you might need to be able to operate a Global Distribution System if you're a travel agent. Companies therefore invest huge amounts of money in training staff. And when these staff leave after only a short period of time, the company has wasted its money.

Telecommuting positions have been an effective solution to this problem. Work from home call agents have a much lower turnover rate than their office based colleagues. They are also more productive and take less sick days - so it's win win!

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