Applying for Vacancies in the Graduate Real Estate Industry

Vacancies in graduate real estate require applicants to have knowledge of surveying and make money out of properties. Graduate job roles normally involve the selling, buying, planning and developing of property with the intentions of making a profit from the original buying price, but there are many other areas of expertise. The different specialists areas of real estate are:

  • Agency.
  • Asset management.
  • Auctions.
  • Fund management.
  • Investment.
  • Planning and development.
  • Project management.
  • Property management.
  • Rating.
  • Valuation.

Your qualifications upon graduate should reflect certain aspects of your job specialism; you can also specialise in a different market, such as residential, commercial and rural property.

However, recent economic downturn has seen house prices drop significantly. The uncertainty of the economy and house prices makes competition for vacancies in graduate real estate sectors tough to get a position, so you'll need to stand out in the crowd to get noticed by potential employers.

If an employer has managed to survive economic downturn in their business then they expect you to do the same; if you are not a fresh graduate and have no work experience, try to find some basic work in property before applying for a graduate positions. This will show employers in the real estate industry that you were still able to put your skills to use even in harsh economic times and it will often be admired by companies who have managed to do the same in their business.

Most vacancies for graduate real estate jobs close in November or December. If you've recently finished your degree have your CV written and checked professionally and start applying for graduate jobs. If you miss the cycle of applications find work in a smaller sector of the industry to show you can put your skills to work and you're not fresh off the block when it comes to the next vacancy cycle.

You should spend some time preparing your application and interview technique as you are applying for jobs in the event you have an interview. Employers expect you to communicate well and present yourself professionally, which is an essential part of the industry. As you may be writing a lot of reports in the real estate sector you should also make sure your CV is thoroughly checked and proofread to show your written communication skills.

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