Where to look for vacancies in Cork

Finding vacancies in Cork or vacancies anywhere else in Ireland can be a tricky business at the moment. Due to ever increasing numbers in unemployment coupled with a lack of new jobs becoming available, job hunting in this day and age can be an extremely frustrating and time consuming endeavour. To get a head start on your competitors in the job market you will need to know the best places to find work in your local area. Here we take a look at some of the better places to find vacancies in Cork.


Cork boasts a strong retail sector. With regards the city centre Oliver Plunkett Street, Patrick Street, Grand Parade, Patrick Street and Merchants Quay are all hives of activity. The shops on these streets are varied, from small boutiques to Tesco and Debenhams. Along with all this a number of Cork city’s suburbs also hold shopping centres, these being Wilton, Blackpool and Mahon. The three of these shopping centres hold a large number of outlets and we would recommend taking a walk around them as often shops will advertise in their window when they have vacancies available.

Service Industry

It would also be worth your while to take note of Corks thriving service industry. There are a large number of high quality restaurants, coffee shops,pubs, and hotels throughout the city. This industry accounts for a large number of people who are employed part-time within the city. During the height of tourist season in the summer months, this industry can be at its busiest and therefore needs to employ large numbers of staff. We would recommend cold calling into these establishments, as often this is the easiest way of getting your foot in the door in this industry.

Recruitment Agencies

If you are starting to become frustrated in your job search, maybe a fresh approach is needed. We would recommend taking advantage of the services offered by Recruitment agencies. Of the agencies in Cork, here are a few that we would recommend:

  • Manpower Ireland, 69 South Mall, Cork, 021 427 9733
  • Kelly Services, Carbery House, 67-69 South Mall, Cork 021427 4700
  • Hays Recruitment, 54 South Mall, Cork, 021 425 1020


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