Sites to help you find job vacancies in Birmingham

Are you a resident of Birmingham looking to light a fire under your career and finally start moving up the ladder? The good news is that Birmingham is a haven of job opportunity right now, with some splendid openings across all fields of expertise. We are going to help you on the job hunt in this blog as we point out the best places to find yourself vacancies in Birmingham, so let's take a gander!

Thanks to its status as "England's second city", you will be hard pressed to find a city other than London that offers more to job seekers than Birmingham. We are massive believers in searching for jobs using the best local resources, and in our view that resource is the My Birmingham Job site at mybirminghamjobs.co.uk. This website is dedicated solely to jobs in Birmingham, cutting out much of the trawl. You simply select the type of job, and it brings up all of your possibilities. A huge pro of this site is the CV uploading facility, which is well worth a look.

If you are a young job seeker in the Birmingham area, then there is a specialised site for you to help with jobs and jobseeking advice, and that site is connexions-bs.co.uk. Connexions are a fantastic resource, and we found their site hugely useful for job hunting. They offer career guidance and help with touching up your CV.

Finally, two huge employers in the area are the NHS and Birmingham Council. Even if you have no qualifications in their field, they are well worth a look due to the huge scope of job openings they hold. You can check out their two sites at jobs.nhs.uk and birmingham.gov.uk/jobs. Happy job hunting!


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