Where to find vacancies for a beauty therapist

Vacancies for a beauty therapist can be found within salons, department stores or at holiday villages and on worldwide cruise liners.

In order to work within a salon, you must have relevant experience in all areas of beauty from manicures and pedicures to waxing, electrolysis and applying spray tan. Training to become a beauty therapist does take a significant amount of time and commitment to learn the trade properly. In the local area, send some speculative applications to beauty salons to enquire whether there are any vacancies. Alternatively, consult the local newspapers, job centre and the internet to ascertain whether there are any vacancies.

If you are looking for vacancies in beauty therapy which are further afield - aboard a cruise liner for example - there is a stringent application process, interview and sea survival course to undertake beforehand. Most cruise liner contracts are generally six months and in order to obtain work on a ship, you do need to have at least five years experience of working in a beauty salon. In addition, the hours are long, sometimes 12 hours, and therapists are required to be on their feet for the majority of this time. Once the six months aboard the ship has elapsed, employees can either take a break or request to be placed on another ship. If you are interested in working on a cruise liner and have the right experience, the website cruiseshipjobs.com provides a wealth of information about jobs, terms and conditions of employment and current job vacancies.

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