Apply for vacancies at Asda stores

Looking for some handy part-time or full-time work at your local supermarket? If you are an adaptable fast-learner, there are usually suitable vacancies at Asda.

The Asda jobs site at asda.jobs allows you to search for suitable positions and for the kind of work that fits your schedule. You can search by store location, type of work, the number of hours and whether you want permanent or temporary work.

The hourly-paid jobs at Asda cover a wide range, from bakers, warehouse loaders and checkout operators, to pizza makers, van drivers and section administrators. There's a great flexibility in hours as well. You could work evenings, weekends, full-time, or just over a busy holiday period like Christmas or Easter.

If there is nothing ideal right away, it's possible to set up a job alert. New opportunities are being created all the time and you shouldn't have to wait too long for a suitable vacancy.

There are certain details you should sort out for your application. Make sure you have your National Insurance number. If you are interested in a role that involves driving, you will need the details of your driving licence, along with any points you may have picked up. You will need a working email address as all communication is done electronically. You'll also need up-to-date contact details and addresses for two references.

The application form can be filled in online, and will take around 30 minutes to complete. It's a way for the company to build up a profile and decide what vacancies at Asda might best suit your skills and experience.


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