What You Need to Know About Vacancies in ASDA Security

Working for a large company like ASDA can provide a world of opportunity for anyone looking at vacancies in ASDA security. ASDA has almost 400 supermarkets all over the United Kingdom, plus ASDA Living stores and more than 15 stores in Northern Ireland. With this many facilities, you are bound to find a job opening and opportunities for advancement into a security manager job.

Requirements for Security Positions at ASDA

The main requirement to work for ASDA security is that you are at least 18-years of age. The next requirement would be that you are physically fit and able to carry out the duties assigned to you. In addition, you should have no major criminal convictions on your record.

Duties of Security Personnel

The duties you will be required to perform will vary, depending on the position you hold and where your job is located. The majority of security positions with ASDA will be at one of the many ASDA store locations. Walking the store on patrol and providing a deterring presence is most of what you will do. Keeping an eye open for suspicious behavior will be of utmost importance. Checking for cleanliness and safety of store facilities will also be part of your duties. Having the ability to communicate effectively with co-workers and customers is also an important part of a security person’s job.

If you work at one of ASDA warehousing facilities, patrol will again be your main duty. Keeping an eye out for trespassers or illegal behavior by employees will be your main job. Again, keeping a watchful eye for safety issues is also part of the position.

Salary Expectations

The salary you will draw will of course depend on your prior work experience, the position you hold and the hours you are willing to work. Night worker will usually obtain a slightly higher rate. Starting wage is £6 to £6.50 per hour and rises from there to as much as £15 per hour for supervisory roles or jobs in corporate security. You can check for vacancies in ASDA security by going to their main website www.asda.jobs.

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