Find unskilled jobs that pay well

Qualifications aren't everything. With a record number of applicants attending universities, the thing that really sets job candidates apart is their experience. But if you're just starting out in the world of work, what are your options? Believe it or not, there are plenty of unskilled jobs that pay well. Here we round up two of the main industries...

Sales jobs - sales jobs don't require any specific qualifications or experience. What they require is the right personality and a drive to succeed. There's huge earning potential with sales jobs, especially with positions that offer uncapped commission. The downside is the basic hourly wages can be quite low (expect around £6.32 to £11.20 depending on the position). However, couple this with a strong performance and a cut of the profits, and you could easily be looking at take home earnings of £35,000 in your first year. Remember that commission driven jobs really require you to push yourself to make good money - so be prepared for tough sells and long days.

Labouring jobs - it's a sad fact that during the recession, lots of trades people were paid off. In many cases, this was linked to the collapse of the building industry and the fact that there just wasn't work available. However, in other cases, it was due to a reduced profit margin and the fact that firms had to lay off expensive members of staff. In doing so they replaced them with unskilled labourers, who are currently experiencing a modest surge in demand and an average salary of £19,500.


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