Top 3 unskilled jobs in the UK

Even if you lack experience or training, there are many unskilled jobs out there to apply for. Here we list our top three unskilled job prospects.


One of the most widespread unskilled jobs is cleaning. Every premise, from offices, factories or shops to private residences, require regular cleaning. The hours can sometimes be anti-social and the work fairly intense but there are always vacancies out there. Many cleaning posts are part time – offices are usually cleaned before staff arrive or after they depart – so this flexibility means you can work around your cleaning position if you have other responsibilities, such as family care or study.


Construction sites will always require unskilled workers to deal with the day to day tasks – carrying materials around a work area, loading and unloading trucks, general tidying, putting down hazard warning signs and so on. Areas such as new building projects and the maintenance of public highways represent ongoing opportunities for unskilled labour, and an excellent regular income.


Believe it or not, there are many jobs in the mining industry that don’t require skill. A drilling offside assists the driller, as well as maintaining machinery and vehicles. The work can be physically demanding, but as unskilled jobs go, mining jobs are by far the best paid. With 1-2 years’ experience you may well become a driller yourself.

This sector is particularly booming – a recent study has forecast that many new jobs will be created in the North Sea over the next decade, mostly at semi or low-skilled level.


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