Interested in university tutor jobs?

University tutor jobs are a popular option for postgraduate and PHD students (and can be a good way to fund your studies), but they can also be a strong first step into the world of academia and academic careers. Here we look at what it takes to get these jobs and what exactly they will involve.

What's involved in university tutor jobs?

University tutors jobs typically involve teaching small groups (usually 6 to 15) of undergraduate students, supplementing the material covered in lectures, and facilitating discussions and debates. University tutors may also request, give guidance, mark and give feedback on assignments. They are often the first contact of students who have a question or problem with course materials. Other tasks may involve:

  • Researching a particular area of expertise
  • Compiling bibliographies for reading assignments
  • Grading exam papers
  • Serving on committees and professional boards

How much can you earn with university tutor jobs?

Because many tutoring jobs in universities are filled by graduate students, many are part time. Depending on the subject and level of expertise involved, part time university tutors can earn around £17 per hour. Full time university tutors typically earn around £27,000.

What skills do I need for university tutor jobs?

The necessary skills for university tutor jobs include:

  • Coordination
  • Complex problem solving
  • Time management
  • Writing reports
  • Critical thinking
  • Instructing

What experience fo I need for university tutor jobs?

All universities will ask for an undergraduate degree with at least an upper second class honours. Most will also require a masters degree or postgraduate diploma.

How can I apply for university tutor jobs?

Every university and educational institution will have a different application process. However, the typical application process usually begins in early spring for the following academic year. Posts are often offered on a one year contract, so vacancies regularly become available in spring. Vacancies are normally advertised on the university website, along with details on how to apply.

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