Enhance your career with an University of London degree

You can study for a University of London degree at an undergraduate or postgraduate level. The University of London consists of made up of 19 colleges and some academic Institutes. The University of London offers a number of degrees that you can study by distance learning through the University of London International Programme.

You can study a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Computing, Management, Sociology, Philosophy or Politics. If you are looking forward to going on to postgraduate study but your first degree is in an unrelated subject, then you can complete a Diploma for Graduates. Courses for the diploma are honours-level undergraduate courses in Economics, Finance, Social Sciences or Management subjects.

There is a wide range of postgraduate qualifications available. You can study traditional subjects like Finance, Banking, Law and management. You can also study less traditional and specialist subjects like Educational and Social Research, Agricultural Economics, Environmental Management, Policy Studies, Petroleum Geosciences, Public Health or Sustainable Development. You can study most of these courses to get your Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma or MSc level.

The University gives examples of its fees for a three-year undergraduate course as £3,384, and under £4,000 for a LLB course. The postgraduate fee for a Master of Laws is £7,360, a MSc is £10,595, and a Postgraduate Diploma is £7,055.

You can pay the complete course fee upfront or pay an entry fee and then pay per module. No financial assistance is available from the University; however, you could be supported in your studies by your employer or via scholarships.

There are some scholarships available for studying a Bachelor of Laws, Masters in Educational and Social Research, MSc in Clinical Trials or MSc in Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health.


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