How to apply for university admin jobs

What are university admin jobs?

Doing paper work

Admin work typically involves paper work. This means that you will be doing filing, typing, searching and organising of information. Sometimes, you may need to research for information. In this case, your paper work may specifically involve student registrations, payment of fees, student affairs and so on.

Making phone calls

You may need to make phone calls too. This may involve reminding students of fee payments due.

What skills do you need?

Microsoft Office skills

You need to know how to use the word processor and the spreadsheet programme. Almost everyone knows the basics of these programmes so if you want to stand out, you should know how to use most of the features. This not only speeds up your work, it makes your paper work look so much more professional.

Communication skills

You should have no problem communicating with the staff, including the teaching staff. There will be some communication with the students too so this should not be an issue either.

How to increase your chances of getting hired

Apply to your alma mater

If you are a past student of the university you are applying for, you tend to get preference over other applicants. All other factors being equal, you will get the job.

Research the university

Show that you know what courses and programmes the university has to offer. Going through its website will tell you a lot. Demonstrate your understanding on what this educational institution is all about.


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