Unskilled jobs in the United Kingdom: job interview tips

Applying for an unskilled United Kingdom job? Here we offer some tips to help you stand out at the job interview.

Arrive early - this shows that you are punctual and are keen to get the job. Ten to fifteen minutes before the scheduled start time of the interview is usually best.

Dress appropriately - even though you are applying for an unskilled job you should still dress professionally. Smart business attire is often the safest option.

Be prepared - do your research on the role you are applying for and also the company. Know the main details about the history of the company and know who the management are. Prepare answers to common interview questions such as what are your strengths and weaknesses.

Know your CV inside out - this is important as the interviewer will likely go through your previous experience and qualifications with you. Try to tie in any previous jobs you had with the role you are applying for now.

Be positive - it is important you remain positive and enthusiastic about the job in order to demonstrate to the interviewer that you are interested. It also helps it you are confident when answering questions. Focus on what you have achieved and do not dwell on any negative aspects of your previous employment.

Ask questions - ask questions at the end of the interview to show that you are interested in the position. Ask relevant questions about the people you will be working with, the scope of the job and the future of the company.


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