Undertaking an administrative job search

When undertaking a job search the ability to write a detailed and comprehensive CV is an essential skill when looking for work in administration. Jobs can be found in local and central government, public and private health consortiums, solicitors, estate agents, the police and many more. Some job searches require a CV to be submitted whilst others require application forms to be submitted - so check which is the correct format.

An administrator needs to be competent in general office duties as well as being able to undertake new or different tasks as the need arises. In addition, administrators need to be computer literate, have a good standard of education and be able to write in a coherent manner.

Writing a quality CV is important for an administrator and undertaking a job search plus seeking information for a CV does take time, but it is time well spent and may result in the interview and job that you were looking for.

Within the CV, key duties and responsibilities should be emphasised with power words such as 'created' 'managed' or 'generated'. Do not list all duties undertaken, just the main ones which emphasise skills and experience.

Include a section which provides information about any training or qualifications, particularly if they are relevant to the post. Begin the CV with personal information, name, address email and telephone number. Date of birth and gender are not required. Then, write a sentence emphasising qualities such as 'Experienced and proficient in all aspects of administration'.

The following sections should be employment, training, qualifications and other skills. Begin each of these sections with the most recent and work backwards. The final section of your CV is to provide two work based references, but ensure that their permission has been sought before they are listed on a CV. Proof read the CV for any spelling or grammatical errors or ask a friend or relative to read over it before it is submitted.


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