Undergraduate internships for summer

Are you interested in undergraduate internships for summer? Here we round up some of the best options and offer tips on finding the right vacancies.

At home or abroad?

One of the most fundamental decisions to make about summer internships is whether you want to stay at home or whether you want to intern abroad. Interning abroad is the more expensive option (and can be even more expensive if you opt for an agency or organisation that charges for the privilege of interning). However, it can be a wonderful experience and in this global age of business, many employers look favourably on candidates with international work experience.

What industry?

Another vital decision that needs to be made at an early stage is what industry you would like to complete your internship. If you are on a vocational course (like law or teaching, for example), this is probably going to be a fairly straightforward decision.

Those on a generalist course (like English or maths, for example), may need to give it more thought. Remember, however, that an internship won't determine what you do for the rest of your life and can be an interesting "taster" into an industry that you have been considering.

Which company?

Next you should compile a list of companies in your area, or the area where you are going to intern in, that you would be interested in working with.

Aim to have at least five companies - unfortunately many applications or inquiry letters go unacknowledged, so back up choices are useful.


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