5 ways to find unadvertised jobs

Research suggests that as much as 60 percent of jobs vacancies are unadvertised. Companies have reduced their spend on advertising job positions and use of job recruitment agencies. As a job seeker aware of the tough economic times, you will do well to learn how to find unadvertised jobs in harsh economic times.

Ways to find unadvertised jobs

Here are some ways you can find unadvertised jobs and and secure employment.

1. Cold Call

There is no doubt cold calling is intimidating. However, many people have managed to secure employment because they overcame their fear of reaching out to prospective employers. Get over being shy and call companies you envision yourself working for.

Express your desire to work for the company and assure the recruiting officer or human resource manager that you have the necessary skills and drive to make positive contributions in the company.

Of course, many companies will not give you the feedback or response you want, but there is a chance you will call a company with an open position in which case you may secure employment.

2. Volunteer

While you are still job hunting, volunteer in charities and other community projects that you like. Apart from the obvious benefits and satisfaction of helping other people, you will also meet and form mutual friendships with other people who are also volunteering, as well as company executives and business leaders sitting on the boards of the non-profit organisations. This type of networking and interaction in volunteering positions can easily lead to permanent, paid positions especially when you demonstrate hard work, passion and dedication in your work.

3. Leverage social media sites

With the advent of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, recruiters are increasingly turning to the sites to find candidates for unadvertised jobs. Create professional profiles on social sites like LinkedIn, detailing your skill sets and experience to ensure recruiters searching for candidates have enough to look at when considering you for unadvertised jobs.

Be approachable, non-argumentative and active on the social media sites to portray a positive image of yourself. Also, try to connect with as many people who have similar interests as yourself leverage the networking potential of the sites and boraden your professional network online.

Bottom line

The job market is not what it was only a few decades ago. Many jobseekers are vying for the same positions and competition is tough among hopefuls. If you are currently seeking a job, there is no denying that this is a challenging time to be looking for work. Finding unadvertised jobs presents a good way to break away from the crowd and give yourself a competitive advantage in the job market. So, adopt the mindset of an initiative taker and don’t shy away from reaching out to different people and asking for help with a job.

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