UK University Clearing with UCAS

UK university clearing is a service offered by UCAS between July and September but is often used by students who receive their A Level results in August and don't already hold an offer by any university. You're only eligible for clearing if you:

  • Have not received any offers at your applied universities or did not respond to any offers by the due date.
  • You have declined all offers or been declined by all your chosen universities.
  • You did not meet the entry conditions for your course and didn't receive the required results.
  • You applied or sent you UCAS application after the 30th of June.
  • You applied for one course but were unsuccessful and paid the full application fee.

You can apply for UK university clearing up until the 20th of September but it is very unlikely you will find your perfect course when applying for clearing. Universities normally publish their clearing vacancies in mid-August, but there is often quite a "scramble" to get a place on the available courses so you have to be quick to apply for vacancies and must make your application outstanding to put yourself above other applicants.

You may also consider contacting universities beforehand and try to apply before August for any clearing vacancies. Put in your application to all universities you wish to apply for and don't wait for clearing vacancies to be posted in August - the university will receive your application and consider it anyway, and you're most likely to miss the frenzy of students applying for limited places.

You need to treat the UK university clearing service as a job application - make sure you are available to speak to a university if they contact you and ensure you track your progress from the UCAS website. Send your results directly to the university if necessary.

If you are eligible for clearing a "add clearing choice" option will appear on your application in Track. After you submit your clearing offer keep an eye on your progress and remember to speak to all universities personally about any possible vacancies.


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