Look for UK jobs available in broadcasting

Broadcasting is a very competitive industry, with countless applicants for every vacancy. If you have some broadcasting contacts and experience you will have a head start when applying for any UK jobs that become available. Networking (or having a family member in an influential position) remains the best avenue into the industry, but it is worth keeping tabs on any opportunities appearing on the websites.

Broadcast magazine provides a premium subscription site at broadcastnow.co.uk that is a must-read for broadcast industry professionals. The important detail is that it carries the latest information about new commissions. This gives you an idea of which production companies will be looking for camera operators, make-up artists or even extras.

The site also has comprehensive jobs and freelance jobs sections where the broadcasting professionals recruit for new staff or one-off projects. Broadcast has access to a database of 1,300 programmes, 170 commissioners and more than 170 independent production companies. A subscription offering full access to the site costs £225 a year.

Jobs in Broadcast (jobsinbroadcast.co.uk) is a specialist recruitment resource for the broadcasting industry that is free for both advertisers and candidates.Their jobs can include a wide variety of roles including Broadcast Engineering, Editing, Production, Post Production, Project Management, Sales and Marketing and more.

Media Guardian (jobs.guardian.co.uk) often features openings in broadcasting on its pages. Monday's media section has useful news and background features on the industry.

For a handy digest of where to look for UK jobs available in broadcasting, Radio and Telly (radioandtelly.co.uk) collects together some links and website addresses that will help your search.

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