Find typing work from home jobs in the UK

Interested in typing work from home jobs? In the UK, the number of vacancies for work from home typists is steadily increasing. Companies are beginning to realise that all their archives and records should be stored digitally, in formats that are easy to access and easy to organise. For this reason, typists are in demand.

However, work from home jobs can be like gold dust for a range of job seekers. Students, stay at home mums and retirees are just some of the groups that covet these positions. This means that you're likely to face stiff competition from other applicants.

So how do you maximise your chances of finding typing jobs from home? Firstly, you'll have to look in the right places. Work from home vacancies like these are rarely advertised on large job search sites, like Total Jobs or Job is Job. Rather, employees rely on word of mouth, networking and free advertising sites (like Gumtree) in order to spread the word about vacancies. So use your contacts wisely and let people know that you are looking for typing jobs.

Next, make sure that your CV and cover letter have been optimised for the position. You'll want to highlight any experience you have in typing, data entry or other admin work. You'll also want to highlight the roles in which you worked independently and met targets.

You should also emphasise your reliability and state that you are willing to be flexible in order to meet deadlines and deliver typing work with quick turnover times.

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