TV work experience will help you

If you want a job in TV, whether in front of behind the camera, TV work experience is definitely something to consider. The trick is to do the experience in a role that you are interested in.

Benefits of TV Work Experience

In year 10, there are chances that you’re just looking forward to a week or two out of the classroom. However, this is the best time to find out more about the role that you want to do and try it out. Most of the time, you will be a show runner or the person who gets the coffee, but it is the time to learn more about the industry and make contacts that will be useful later in your career.

The TV work experience may lead to a role after school. There are some companies who will take students on after doing work experience. This is because they will now know the role and will have proven to be a good employee. Even if they don’t take you on, you get the experience to put on your CV.

Where to Do TV Work Experience

There are many companies that you can do your work experience in but you will need to live in, or near, a city that does filming. London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow are the four main cities.

StartinTV.com is an excellent place to start your work experience search. All you need to do is place your CV on the site and wait to be contacted. This could also lead to job opportunities, both paid and volunteer work.

Go straight to the BBC website and start searching for work experience roles available. This is where most will do their TV work experience and there are many different roles available, whether you want to be a makeup artist or do the camera work on a hit TV show.

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