Trying to find apprentice barber jobs?

If you're looking to break into the hair styling business then you're probably already aware that it's a highly competitive industry that's hard to get into. There are thousands of people going for a limited number of jobs in Ireland alone. If you remain determined to get your break in the industry, then lets try and give you a few pointers to snaring your dream apprentice barber jobs.

Generally, there are two routes to getting into hairdressing. If you are interested in becoming a barber, then lots of barbers are willing to take you on as an apprentice in their hairdressers. All you need to do is enquire and see if they'll take you on. You may be stuck doing menial tasks at first, but everyone has to start somewhere!

The only way to sort this out is to ask your local barber, who will be able to give you tips and recommendations based on their past experience in the industry. If you are looking for something more in the line of hairdressing, then we suggest checking out the possibility of doing an apprenticeship with one of the big hairdressing houses in Ireland.

The likes of Toni and Guy and House of Colour as usually willing to give a shot to enthusiastic and willing people who are looking to break into hairdressing. You can contact Toni and Guy's Dublin City centre branch at clarendonstreet@toniandguy.ie. Contact them and see if you can get your big break in hairdressing!

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