Check out an easy route to finding truck driving jobs in Cork

Truck driving jobs in Cork can be found across the county and are as varied as the routes drivers take. Truck drivers can work either directly for businesses or as self-employed subcontractors. You will require a valid truck licence and subcontractors need to have the appropriate vehicle, goods in transit and public liability insurance.

Cork has a thriving manufacturing industry and some of the major employers include, Pfizer, Novartis, EMC, Apple Inc., Boston Scientific and Schering Plough. It is mainly transport companies who provide trucks for the food, computer, chemical, pharmaceutical and drinks industries bases in Cork.

Some jobseekers apply directly to manufacturing companies either via their websites or by post with a CV and cover letter. Applying for work with transport companies is an easier way to get a start. Companies such as O'Connell Transport and Frank McCarthy Haulage Ltd. have large fleets of trucks and employ many drivers. You can get contact details from these companies websites.

Courier companies employ truck drivers also. UPS, DHL and TNT have depots in Cork. You can search for vacancies and apply online via there websites.

There are also opportunities for truck drivers with the council, removal companies, waste management firms, warehouses, retailers and construction companies. A trip around some of the local business parks can give you an idea of the many businesses in need of truck drivers and can be good networking.

Jobsites, local newspapers, recruitment agencies, FAS and company open days are all excellent resources available to jobseekers. Jobsites such a jobisjob.ie, careerjet.ie and irishjob.ie have up to date listings of truck driving jobs in Cork.


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