Find an easy route to employment with truck driving jobs in Canada

There are many different ways to find truck driving jobs in Canada including, jobsites, recruitment agencies, haulage companies, newspapers and even word of mouth. If you are a truck driver and considering a new career in Canada, hare are a few pointers to set you on the right road.

To work in Canada as a truck driver you need a work permit. Your success in getting a visa hinges on a job offer. Canadian companies are crying out for drivers, but it is up to you to apply or approach companies with your CV, or in the flesh.

Each Canadian province (except Quebec) has their own unique Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) which can be a quick and easy way to truck driving in Canada. The PNP allows employers to directly apply for working permits for workers they wish to employ. The program uses the Occupations Under Pressure List which the occupation of 'truck driver' is listed on.

So the best way to get into the fast-track program, as well as the best route to getting a work permit is to contact employers directly. Canadiantruckdriverjobs.com is one of the best sites for finding contact details.

The site provides a job search and job by email service. You can click on the province of your choice and you will find companies looking for you right now! You will also find contact information of all the companies recruiting and about the positions available.

Recruitment agencies can do a lot of the ground work for you and assist with immigration and relocation issues. Many people have found work in Canada by simply going there for a holiday. Whatever approach you take to finding truck driving jobs in Canada, all roads lead to a fantastic future.


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