Truck driving jobs: 5 great tips for a great CV

Truck driving jobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here with provide five excellent tips to ensure your CV will find its way to the top of the pile...


Your CV should convey to your potential employer that you are highly experienced in driver jobs. All the qualities you would bring to a post should be emphasised. Try to be as varied as possible. Detail collection, delivery and transportation duties. Outline your ability to deal with mechanical faults and how you would resolve any other problems that could arise.


Stress any specialised training you have undertaken. Are you licensed to transport particular loads? Heavy goods? Hazardous materials? If you have done any of this sort of transportation before, exactly what materials have you been in charge of, and over what distances?

Knowledge of road networks

Your employer will want to be able to rely on your ability to self-manage. Stress your capability to navigate through various routes, taking into consideration the quickest and most economical in each instance. Also elaborate on any expertise you might have with modern satellite navigation systems.

Non-driving skills

Actually driving vehicles only makes up a portion of the responsibilities in truck driver jobs. There will be handling documentation, invoicing and delivery notes to be processed.

Really make your resume stand out

Show ways in which your proactive input has benefited previous employers financially. Describe how you showed initiative to reduce costs. Perhaps you monitored radio bulletins regularly to avoid accident blackspots.


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