All about water treatment jobs in the UK

Water treatment jobs are essential to maintaining the cleanliness of the UK's waterways and the health of the millions of UK residents. This article looks at some of the most important points regarding water treatment jobs, including job descriptions, pay rates and job benefits, and the most common employers.

Job Descriptions

Jobs in the water treatment industry can vary enormously but the most common treatment jobs involve engineering. Water treatment engineers are responsible for the high quality delivery of water products to thousands of people in an area or region. They are often responsible for site management and ensuring that procedures are carried out effectively and legally. An ability to conform to high standards is absolutely essential in this industry.

Other jobs available relate to the successful development of business practices and technical plans within the water company or private contract deal. For this reason, account technicians and sales managers play an important role. Responsibilities in these areas tend to include supervision of teams, building client relationships and securing new contracts.

Pay Scales and Job Benefits

Pay scales in this industry tend to be quite good given that water plays such an important role in the nation's health. Sales managers often have salaries of £30,000+ and engineers can earn as much as £60,000 in any year on certain projects. Bonuses are commonplace, especially in the client and accounts sections.

Where are water treatment jobs advertised?

Aside from contacting companies directly to see if they have work, you can often find available positions advertised on central government funded job databases such as the Job Centre website.

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