Travel industry jobs

Travel industry jobs offer a wide variety of opportunities in diverse areas. They are particularly popular because they combine a vocation with travel. But there are also a great deal of opportunities to work in this industry within the UK. These vary from trainee managers in international tour companies or travel PR firms to jobs in travel journalism.

Choosing the ideal travel job

Because of the continuing popularity in travel industry jobs, there are websites dedicated to providing a portal into this vibrant arena. But before you go as far as launching straight into a series of applications to somewhere like TUI Travel, it is worth taking a step back to consider exactly which area of the travel industry would suit your particular skills.

There are many different tasks in a travel PR firm. There will be opportunities for people with strong literary skills to get into travel writing. Different companies may specialise in specific areas. You might be called on to write enticing reviews of ski resorts or introductions to Mediterranean cruises.

The travel industry relies on online interactivity, with a strong emphasis on social media. Travel sites exist in a highly competitive market, so there are openings for web designers and copywriters. Their tasks include search engine optimization: creating copy containing travel-related keywords.

There will always be a need for individuals with marketing experience in the travel industry in the UK. Clients will frequenly approach travel PR firms to arrange copy for newsletters, brochures, e-shots and websites. Marketing executives can also produce promotional items and branded merchandise.

The public relations aspect of a travel PR firm is particularly important, with roles that can vary. Crisis management requires in-depth knowledge of coping with any of the variety of international crises that can occur at any time. Clients will seek professional help for aspects such as briefing the media.

Qualifications for the travel industry

Amongst the most interesting of travel industry jobs in the UK is travel journalism. This can be a difficult area to break into, and it will take a lot of hard work as the industry is highly competitive. The best idea is to keep writing about interesting resorts, trying to come up with original slants. This is a popular vocation but good freelance travel writing is always in demand. Once you build a decent enough CV you can start applying for travel magazines or websites to be a staff writer.

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