Training for jobs in Pharmacy, Northern Ireland

Jobs in a pharmacy in Northern Ireland require the applicant to be a qualified pharmacy technician and have the relevant experience (if stated on the application) for the position. Most applicants must be registered with a regulating company, but this is normally for senior positions rather than technician vacancies which may only require a degree or qualification.

When applying for jobs in a pharmacy in Northern Ireland you should expect to perform the following duties (although specific tasks depend on your position or type of pharmacy):

  • Dispense prescriptions to in patients, out patients or day care patients.
  • Issue pharmacy items to wards, departments and consulting rooms.
  • Order stock, maintain stock levels and enter invoices.
  • Ensure the quality of stock is kept to an acceptable standard by monitoring storage temperature and cleanliness.
  • Sell over the counter items.
  • Attend all meetings on inhouse safety, first regulations and health and safety standards.
  • Provide excellent service and make the most efficient use of supplies.

If you want to qualify for jobs in a pharmacy in Northern Ireland you can take several courses to bring your education up to the standard expected for pharmacy positions. Not all positions will require a degree and you can take a short course, but this really depends on the employer and what level of education they expect.

Some institutions that provide pharmacy training and courses are:

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Dublin

Trinity College Dublin in Dublin

University College in Cork

College of Life Sciences in Dublin

University of Limerick in Limerick

University of Ulster in Co. Antrim/Londonderry


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