A guide to trainee construction jobs

What are trainee construction jobs?

These jobs are suitable for fresh graduates regardless if you have a basic certification, diploma or degree. Here are the job positions:

  • Assistant engineer
  • Assistant quantity surveyor
  • Site supervisor
  • Draughtsman

Assistant engineer

Assists the Senior Engineer in site record keeping, follow up with the authorities, check the construction drawings for variations and so on.

Assistant quantity surveyor

Assists the Senior QS in the taking off of quantities, subcontractors' claims checking and submission of own company's claims.

Site supervisor

Coordinates the works of all the current subcontractors, keep site records, etc.


Reproduces the Engineer's designs in print and print them out for distribution to the different parties.

Then why should I earn a higher qualification?

Having a certain qualification makes it easy to obtain another qualification, such as chartered engineer status. It also determines the pay level you start with and all other factors being equal, you will always be ahead of someone with a lower qualification in terms of pay. Of course, it is easier for the company to promote you to a higher position and have this happen sooner than later.

Why work as a trainee?

In this field, experience matters. Only through working experience will you know how things work and how to communicate with other members of the team. Construction projects are also varied. Consider what you learned in school as an introduction or an appreciation programme. You don't know it until you handle a real life project. Complex projects such as sky scrapers demand even more experience.


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