Trafford Centre Jobs in Security

Trafford Centre jobs in security come in two main areas. One area is working for individual retail stores, which may require a job application to the store itself rather than the Trafford Centre. The second area involves security within the Trafford Centre operations and includes overseeing the general security of the centre and all retail stores. In a retail security position you would mainly be responsible for store safety, security and the prevention of shoplifters, whereas Trafford Centre security guards work to oversee the safety of all shoppers and correct closure of the centre.


Trafford Centre Jobs as Security Officers

To work as a security officer in the Trafford Centre but not for any particular retailer you will have to look on http://www.traffordcentre.co.uk/aboutus/jobs for any current vacancies.

Security guards in the Trafford Centre are responsible for overseeing the safety, security and well-being of all visitors to the centre, all property of the centre and its employees and personal property of visitors. The job involves taking an active role in security by patrolling, observing and monitoring security systems; security officers must also respond to any incidents within the centre and record any such incidents.

Most security officers working the Trafford Centre must have an SIA licence and at least an NVQ in security. The general salary starts from £6.93 rising to £7.51 per hour.


Trafford Centre Jobs as Security Officers in Retail

To work as a security officer in a particular retail chain within the Trafford Centre you will have to apply for vacancies elsewhere and apply directly to the retailer. You can find information about current vacancies from the Trafford Centre Information Point, or from Directgov.

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