After trades, operative or manual jobs in Dublin? Look west of the city centre

Anyone with practical skills can find plenty of opportunities to work in west Dublin if they focus their search for jobs in the right places. A range of options is available to the job seeker in Ireland's capital.

Trades usually means people with skills, such as plumbers or joiners, while operatives use machinery in factories or warehouses. Manual work covers a wide range of activities but really means any heavy work done by hand, such as labouring.

It is always worthwhile to have an up-to-date CV listing your experience and qualifications, and also with two references if possible. Also check that any skills that you may not have used for a long time do not require refresher courses before you begin working.

It is useful to have a CV available electronically as well as on paper, so that applications can be made online or via email.


The best place to start to look for trades, operative or manual jobs in Dublin, in the west of the city, is the internet.

One useful jobs website which advertises vacancies throughout Ireland is Jobs.ie. This website includes a refined search facility, which allows users to search according to specific geographical areas and areas of work.

Another website which is worth bookmarking for those who are seeking part time rather than full time work is Parttimejobs.ie, which lists a whole range of part time opportunities throughout Ireland.


Enlisting the help of an employment agency is often a useful tool to employ, especially for job seekers who are after casual or temporary work. Many agencies specialise in finding temporary or casual appointments, but most also offer full time vacancies.

Some agencies provide websites which can be used to help find a job, but it is often worthwhile to visit the agency in person.

Many agencies which provide manual and trades employment are based in the centre of Dublin. Examples include Noel Recruitment, in Dawson Street, but there are many others available.

Local Press

Local newspapers also carry advertisements for job vacancies in various manual and trade sectors.

The Echo is a good place to look, if a copy is available. This paper covers Tallaght, as well as Ballyfermot, Lucan and Clondalkin, giving it a decent spread over western Dublin.

Another useful resource is the Lucan Digest, a publication which is delivered free to around 12,000 homes in the area. As a directory of local companies, it can be a useful place to start for contacting potential employers directly.

Direct Contact

Direct contact, whether by email, letter, telephone or visit to site, is still a very useful way of finding work in the trades and manual sector. The Digest provides the location and addresses and businesses which may be looking to hire someone.

Finally, don't rule out word of mouth as a useful source of opportunities. The local pub or cafe often serves as a kind of noticeboard for vacancies, and it is always worthwhile building a range local contacts.

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