What is a trade or vocational school

Trade or vocational schools are usually found in the fields of catering, beauty, acting, writing, building and many more. Students will often be provided with accommodation to live on site whilst they learn a craft or skill which will help them get a job. The vocational schools run courses in blocks of weeks or months and students will follow a tailored programme to learn everything they need to pursue a career in catering or beauty for example.

Vocational schools are thought to be extremely beneficial as they are perceived to teach students valuable life skills in addition to teaching them about their vocation.

After you have completed your course and graduated from a trade or vocational school you will be able to look for employment and enter the workplace without any further training or qualifications. Within the trade schools you will be allocated a tutor who will take you through the elements of the course. The course will introduce you to the basics of your trade or vocation and then as the weeks progress you will learn additional skills so that by the time you are fully qualified, you will be able to practice competently in the workplace.

There are numerous trade, technical and vocational schools around the UK and their costs and length vary depending upon the course you wish to study and the length of the course. The internet is a vast resource which can be utilised to find out about suitable courses which will vary depending upon the trade you wish to work in.

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